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Welcome To SRDL

2020 New Skater Info


$50/month to be paid in 3 lump sums.

Dues are to be paid to Pippi Longstompings via cash, cheque or PayPal to [email protected]



attendance sheet

Rostering attendance:

In order to roster for travel team games with Mindofx or Northern Pikes, skaters must have 65% attendance in the rostering period. The rostering period is 4 weeks. It starts 6 weeks before the game date and ends 2 weeks before the game date. This means in that 4 week period a skater need 5.25 practice credits, or 4.25 and 1 make up practice.

In order to roster for Killa Bees skaters must have 62% attendance which means 5 practices or 4 practices and 1 makeup practice.

In order to roster for house team games or SRDL hosted invitationals, skaters must have 50% attendance in the above mentioned rostering period, or an average of 50% over the last 3 months (spanning 12 weeks, starting 14 weeks before the game date)

Practice credits:

1 credit = You were geared up within 15 minutes of practice starting and stayed and participated for the entire practice. Exception being if you are injured during that practice you will still get full credit.

0.75 credit = You were geared up more than 15 minutes late of practice starting, or you leave more than 15 minutes early. (30 minute window). Or you are off skates or none contact but still engaged and helping the coach for the entire practice.

0.5 credit = You are more than 30 minutes late or leave more than 30 minutes early. Or you are off skates or on the sidelines not engaged, talking, on your phone, not paying attention and not helping.

Makeup practice credits:

Every skater is able to earned 1 makeup practice attendance credit per month which counts as a credit towards rostering. A makeup practice is an off skates workout which is documented and presented (usually via photo) to the attendance takers and A/C Director. The details of what counts as a makeup practice is defined by the A/C Director at the beginning of the season.

For the 2019 season a makeup practice for a Mindfox charter skater must be a minimum of 1 hour of strenuous activity with 1 other Mindfox charter skater present to confirm that you worked hard enough to make up a practice, with a photo submitted.

A makeup practice for any non Mindfox charter skater must be a minimum of 1 hour of strenuous activity with 2 other skaters or 1 Mindfox charter skater, with a photo submitted.

Please ask a captain or board member if you have questions.

*Makeup practices must be submitted within the month it is being used for. Only 1 makeup credit can be used towards a rostering period.

Volunteer Hours:

Every skater must have a minimum of 3 volunteer hours in the last 4 weeks, or 9 in the last 12 weeks, to be considered "in good standing" and be eligible to roster for any SRDL game.

Volunteer hours are to be logged into the volunteer hours sheet. It is the skaters responsibility to log their own hours.

Volunteer hours are any hours you spend outside of practice time helping the league, such as committees, handing out event flyers, helping with event setup, etc. *Team fundraising events do not count for volunteer hours, but league fundraising events do.

If you have more questions direct them to your team captain or the Skater Rep.


Some board members have committees to help with their work load. Helping on these committees not only fulfills your need for volunteer hours but also is essential in helping our league run and our board member not burn out and become grumpy.

Committees you can join are: Media/Merch. Events.

Fundraising. Sponsorship.

Please reach out to the board member in charge of your preferred committee. Skaters may be on more than one committee.

Good Standing:


League Pages:


Public Fan Page

Private, League Member Community Page (for all members, league related business)

Work Hard Play Hard (league fitness support page)

Ready for Anything (league nutrition support page)


Public Fan Page

Document Links:

SRDL Policies

Volunteer Hours Log

2020 Board of Directors:

President: Mcleod 9 (Jax Mcleod)

[email protected]

- oversees all happenings.

Vice President: QT Sly (Beth Godhe)

[email protected]

- handles interleague, books games and helps organize events.

Athletic Committee Director: Aub Zombie (Aubrey Gumulcak)

[email protected]

-handles athletic happenings with the help of the Athletic Committee. ie: practices, coaching, rostering, bench marking.

Secretary: Kitty CreamHer (Katie Castellarin)

[email protected]

- deals with the google site, sets up skater emails, deals with CRDI, books practice venues, etc.

Treasurer: Pippi LongStompings (Maegen Piche)

[email protected]

-handles skater dues, league budgets, and all other league money.

Sponsorship Director: Malkyrie (Mallory Clarkson)

[email protected]

- drafts sponsorship and grant request documents. searches for league sponsorship funding with the help of the sponsorship committee.

Fundraising Director: Autopsy Turvey (Erin Fedoriuk)

[email protected]

- oversees and organizes league fundraising efforts and events with the help of the fundraising committee.

Skater Rep: aBOLIsher (Taylor Penzi)

[email protected]

- deals with all skater relations issues. skater conflicts, skater discipline, skater information, league wide bonding events.

Media/Merch Director: Terror-dactyl (Kimber J)

Terrordac [email protected]

-handles all media relations and social media posts. merch ordering and inventory. setting up merch at events. handles money from merch sales.

Events Director: Hot R'aud (Audrey Trishuck)

[email protected]

-books event venues, organizes volunteers, rents tables chairs etc, organizes events.

Head Ref: Hang 11 (Bryan Craig)

[email protected]

-organizes game schedules for events, organizes refs for games.

2020 Attendance Trackers:

Maimy Pond (Emily Brown)

Madeye Milly (Danyelle Clarke)